WK180C Grip


Our WK180C Grip is a highly ergonomic and comfortable drop in replacement for the WK180C / MS-WCR / and AR180-B grip. This hand filling design has a unique texturing pattern which is randomly generated to give you superior control over your rifle. Our texturing is not possible with traditional injection molding manufacturing, therefore this grip is a 3d printed composite grip.

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Designed as a drop in replace grip for your WK180C rifle our WK180C Grip is an easy to install upgrade. Featuring a 19 degree grip angle with aggressive anti-slip texturing this grip gives you positive control of your firearm. Our anti-slip texturing is programmed into the 3d print and is not possible to replicate using traditional injection molding. 


  • 1 piece design.
  • 3d printed composite.
  • Aggressive anti-slip texturing.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Included mounting hardware.
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