Below are some common issues found by Lynx 180B rifle users. 

Symptom: Bolt does not close / binds on magazine

Cause: The AR-180B bolt carrier is does not have the same amount of relief for magazine feed lips as other firearm models. Certain upper receiver and bolt carrier combinations can cause the bolt carrier to bind on a magazine. This is most common with polymer magazines.

Solution: Try a different magazine release if you have one available. Make sure you are not over inserting the magazine. If the problem continues you can remove you magazine release and remove 0.010" of material from the top. This will force the magazines to sit lower and stop binding. 

Symptom: Buffer tube end plate does not fit

Cause: The buffer tube end plate is an AR-15 part designed to retain the rear take down pin detent and spring. It does not fit on the Lynx 180B.

Solution: Do not use the end plate. Torque the end plate between 30 ft-lbs and 60 ft-lbs. Use thread locker if required. 

Symptom: Geissele triggers do not fit / work

Cause: Geissele triggers are difficult to install due to extremely tight tolerances. The parts must be installed in the correct order to work. 

Solution: Install the parts in the following order: Trigger, safety, hammer. Make sure the trigger moves freely before installing the safety and hammer.

Symptom: Safety feels loose or has little resistance

Cause: The original geometry of the AR-180B platform forces the grip down about 2mm lower than an AR-15. This makes some safety springs not work as well as they could.

Solution: Try a different safety spring. Use a longer safety spring, or add a 3 to 4mm plug to the bottom of the spring hole in your grip. 

Symptom: Double feeding when using WK-180C BCG

Cause: Sharp bolt lug catching next round in the magazine. Can be caused by using steel cased ammo followed by soft brass case ammo.

Solution: Using a fine file break the edges on the front of the bottom 2 bolt lugs. Do this at your own risk, contact a qualified gunsmith.