Here are the install instructions for the Spectre Ballistics International SKS Magazine Release. Instillation is quick any easy, however for the release to function properly please follow the below instructions. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact us.


Click here to watch our install video!


Step 1: Ensure the rifle is unloaded with no ammunition in the magazine or chamber.

Step 2: Remove the trigger assembly from the rifle.

Step 3: Remove the original magazine release by drifting the retaining cross pin out. Depending on the trigger assembly, it may be difficult to drift the pin out. The original magazine release and spring will no longer be needed.

Step 4: Install the SBI Magazine Latch and Spring. You must use the provided spring as the original will not work with the magazine release. Make sure the spring seated in the magazine latch and trigger sear holes properly. 

Step 4a: Lubricate the the latch and trigger frame rails. Add a drop of your preferred gun oil to lubricate the latch. This will make the latch operate smoother, prevent binding and protect against corrosion. If binding continues use a wire brush on a Dremel tool to polish the rails on the trigger frame. Burrs, debris, and cosmoline will cause binding.

Step 4b: Chinese SKS Rifles: The rails the sear slides on are milled longer than the Russian SKS. This may prevent full travel of the SBI SKS Magazine Release. To fix this you will need to Dremel or mill down part of these rails. This is picture below.

Step 5: Align and position the SBI Magazine Lever

Step 6: Drift the cross pin through the SBI Magazine Release Lever hole.

Step 7: If you are using Tapco or similar magazines you may be required to notch the top of rear magazine tab slightly for it to fully seat in the rifle. You may also need to remove a small amount of material from the rear of the tab so it clears the magazine release.