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10/22 Bolt Tune-Up Kit


Does your bolt need a tune up? Have you fired thousands or tens of thousands of rounds of ammo? The Spectre Ballistics International Inc. 10/22 Bolt Tune Up Kit is for you! The kit includes an Enhanced 10/22 Firing Pin and an Enhanced Extractor Kit, both made from high-grade A2 tool steel.

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This pack contains
Enhanced Firing Pin for Ruger 10/22
x 1
Enhanced Extractor Kit For Ruger 10/22
x 1

Spectre Ballistics International Inc. Enhanced Firing Pin for Ruger 10/22 firearms is the ideal upgrade for your bolt. Unlike the factory-provided stamped metal firing pin, our Enhanced Firing Pin is precision-manufactured from A2 tool steel, providing a harder striking surface and delivering better, more reliable primer ignition.

Using A2 tool steel Spectre Ballistics International Inc. has made a premium extractor kit for Ruger 10/22 type rifles that doesn't break the bank. Our extractor is designed to remain sharp for thousands of rounds to ensure reliable and consistent extraction. The kit includes the extractor, plunger, and spring. Paired with the Spectre Ballistics International Inc. Enhanced Firing Pin, the bolt tune up kit will keep your 10/22 running reliably for years to come.

Designed to fit and function with the factory Ruger 10/22 bolt, Spectre Ballistics International 10/22 Bolt, or other bolts that use 85.5mm to 86mm long firing pins. Some after-market bolts require an extended-length 86.4mm or manufacturer-specific firing pin.

Reference SBI_1022_BTK_NA
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