SBI 10/22 Barrel - 16.25"


Enhance your shooting capabilities with our meticulously designed match grade 10/22 barrel. Engineered and manufactured to deliver unparalleled performance, SBI 10/22 barrels optimally blend precision, resilience, and aesthetics. Our barrel contour has been refined for substantial weight reduction while maintaining impeccable accuracy and peak performance. Each barrel undergoes a nitride coating process, ensuring a robust, enduring finish that stands the test of time.

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Our 10/22 barrels are made using match grade blanks and optimally contoured for weight savings, accuracy, and reliability. The nitride coating offers a long lasting and durable finish. Our barrels feature a Bentz chamber for increased accuracy and more consistent velocities. 

Barrel Specifications:

  1. 22LR caliber 
  2. Bentz chamber
  3. 1:16 twist rate
  4. 11 degree target crown
  5. 16.25" length
  6. 1/2-28 TPI muzzle threads
  7. Thread protector included
  8. Nitride coated
  9. 655g (1.44 lbs) total weight
  10. Compatible with all 10/22 receivers.
  11. Fits all stocks that accept 0.920" bull barrels. Compatible with most factory 10/22 stocks. 
  12. Not compatible with CCI stringers or similar hyper velocity ammo.
Reference SBI_1022_PB16TP_BK
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