The Spectre Mag Block will allow you to use a modified magazine with the SKS rifle for easier and more ergonomic magazine changes. The Spectre Mag Block will function with both original wood stocks and most aftermarket stocks with minimal or no fitment and no permanent modifications to the rifle.

Step 1: Ensure the rifle is unloaded with no ammunition in the magazine or chamber.

Step 2: Remove the original or aftermarket magazine and stock from the rifle.

Step 3: If using the factory wood stock, remove the recoil lug. Use fine needle nose pliers to remove the recoil lug nut. The recoil lug will then slide out of the stock. The recoil lug will not turn.

Step 4: Loosen the mount bolt on the Spectre Mag Block and slide it over the magazine mount. The Mag Block should sit along the center axis of the rifle. Once centered, tighten the mounting bolt until snug. Do not over tighten the bolt. Torque should be 5 ft-lbs. Some thread locker might be required.

Step 5: Install the stock and magazine. Some fitting of the stock may be required.

Optional: If using the factory stock, you can re-install the recoil lug.