Installing our Hex Brake on your Cz858 or Vz58 rifle is easy and quick. In this tutorial we're going to highlight the install in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Gather the required materials:

  • M14x1RH 7.62 or 5.56 Hex Brake
  • Cz858 or Vz58 rifle
  • Gun Oil
  • Gun Cleaner
  • Paper towel or shop towel
  • Small screw driver or punch

Cz858 with Hexbrake for install tutorial

Step 2: Ensure your firearm is unloaded and no ammunition is in the chamber or magazine. Safety first. Negligent discharges are serious.

Step 3: Remove your thread protector and clean the threads.

Cz858 muzzle cleaning

Step 4: Lightly oil the muzzle threads.

Oil Cz858 threads

Step 5: Thread the muzzle brake onto the muzzle.

Hex Brake ready to be threaded onto the Cz858 muzzle

Step 6: Depress the muzzle brake retaining detent with a screw driver or punch. Thread the muzzle brake on until it can't go any further and then rotate back until the detent aligns with the notch in the brake.

Cz858 muzzle brake detent

Once threaded on there might be a small gap between the rifle and brake. This is normal and how the Cz858 and Vz58 are designed to function.

SBI Hex Brake Muzzle Brake installed on a Cz858