Muzzle Brakes

Our range or premium muzzle brakes and components are expertly designed and manufactured to offer the best recoil reduction for your firearms.


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    Typhoon F12 Muzzle Brake

    The Spectre Ballistics Typhoon F12 Muzzle Brake is designed to tame the recoil on your shotgun. Designed and manufactured in Canada this brake offers superior performance and quality. The brake is a clamp on design that requires no gunsmithing or thread cutting to install. Fits the Typhoon F12 Gen 2 (Internal Chokes) shotgun.

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    Spectre Hex Brake - B...

    Looking for a deal? Sometimes we reject products due to cosmetic defects. We have accumulated a bunch of Hex Brakes which have finishing defects and we're selling them at a huge discount.

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    Spectre Hex Brake

    High performance lightweight muzzle brake for various firearm platforms. The Spectre Hex Brake is one of the best muzzle brakes on the market today for a price that can't be beat.

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    Aegis-30 Muzzle Brake

    The Spectre Ballistics Aegis Muzzle Brake features 48 ports for extreme recoil elimination. The impulse from high pressure supersonic barrel gasses traveling through the brake ports effectively counteracts recoil. Works with any 5/8-24 threaded barrels with up to 30 caliber cartridges.

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    5/8" Crush Washer

    Steel 5/8" crush washer for installing muzzle brakes.

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    1/2" Crush Washer

    Steel 1/2" crush washer for installing muzzle brakes.