SpectreMOD Type 56 SKS

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We've upgraded a military classic. The Type 56 SKS is a dated platform ripe for modernization, and that's just what we've done.

Professionally Installed Upgrades:

  • Spectre Ballistics Magazine Release
  • Spectre Ballistics Magazine Block
  • Spectre Ballistics Non-Duckbill Magazine (Converted Tapco)
  • Tapco FDE Adjustable Stock


The Magazine Release: With a detachable magazine being able to reload quickly and reliably is imperative. The native SKS platform doesn't allow for this. We have engineered an upgraded magazine release that seamlessly integrates with the platform. Our release allows the shooter to reload as if they're operating an AK47 pattern rifle.

The Magazine Block: Detachable SKS magazines by default have a cumbersome duckbill. Our Magazine Block is bolted to the receiver an allows for the rifle to take converted non-duckbill magazines. 

The Magazine: We took the highly reliable quality Tapco magazine and convert them to work with our magazine block. These magazine fit in AK mag pouches without a duckbill sticking out. Canadian law requires these to be pinned to 5 rounds.