CPD Lar-15 Magazine Extention

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The C-Products Defense LAR-15 Magazine is popular with Canadian sport shooters for legally allowing STANAG compatible rifles to use a 10 round magazine. These are especially popular for 3-Gun shooters.

We have developed a magazine extension to improve the ergonomics of these short magazines. Our design attaches to the magazine using 4 screws and doesn't require dissembling or modifying the magazine. Unlike other designs ours is not attached by fragile plastic tabs. Our LAR-15 extensions are 3d printed. This allows us to offer multiple colors and keep costs low. We also offer them in weighted and non-weighed variants.

Should you order non-weighted it's easy to add your own weight by filling the extension body with epoxy, hot glue, construction adhesive, or resin. 

Install instructions can be found here: https://spectreballistics.com/pages/lar-magazine-extension-install-tutorial


  • Easy install
  • Multiple colors
  • No modification to magazine required
  • Weighted or unweighted
  • Durable design
  • Fits CPD Lar-15 10 Round Pistol Magazines
  • Magazine not included