7.62 Spectre Brake Install Instructions

7.62mm Spectre Muzzle Brake Instructions

Package Contents:

  • 62mm 5/8-24TPI Muzzle Brake
  • 5/8” Buna-N O-ring
  • 9/16” x 11/16” Buna-N O-ring
  • 9/16” x 3/4” Buna-N O-ring

Install Instructions (O-ring locking):

  1. Ensure firearm is unloaded and the chamber is clear of any ammunition.
  2. Starting with the 9/16” x 3/4” Buna-N O-ring place the O-ring on the threaded muzzle.
  3. Screw on muzzle brake.
  4. Level the muzzle brake with the action. It should be snug.
  5. If the muzzle brake is not snug switch the O-ring for the 5/8” or the 9/16 x 11/16” O-ring.

If you are using the muzzle brake on a semi-automatic firearm such as an AR-10 or XCR, or you wish for a more permeant install you should use a 5/8” crush washer in place of the O-ring.

Using an O-ring to install the muzzle brake allows for it’s easy removal and re-install. Something which is not possible with a crush washer.


  • Muzzle brakes make firearms much louder! Never shoot a firearm without proper hearing protection.
  • Do not shoot the firearm if the muzzle brake is not properly secured.
  • Do not grasp or hold the muzzle brake while shooting the firearm. This will cause serious injury or death.
  • The 7.62mm Spectre Muzzle Brake is designed to function with 30 caliber ammunition only. Such as 308 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, or similar rounds which employ 0.308” diameter or smaller projectiles.

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