Typhoon F12 Muzzle Brake


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The Spectre Ballistics Typhoon F12 Muzzle Brake is designed to tame the recoil on your shotgun. Designed and manufactured in Canada this brake offers superior performance and quality. The brake is a clamp on design that requires no gunsmithing or thread cutting to install. Fits the Typhoon F12 Gen 2 (Internal Chokes) shotgun.

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The Typhoon F12 shotgun is the top choice for 3 gun competitors. To get the absolute best performance out of your shotgun add a Spectre Ballistics International Inc Typhoon F12 Muzzle Brake. Designed and made in Canada from 7075-T6 aluminium our muzzle brake offers superior quality and function. The muzzle brake is easy to install are requires no gunsmithing, the design simply clamps on to the barrel. 

Install Instructions:

  1. Remove all oils from the muzzle and brake
  2. Loosen the clamping screws.
  3. Slide the brake onto the muzzle. This might be a snug fit, there is only 0.002" clearance.
  4. Tighten the 4 clamp screws using a star pattern. Several passes at tightening may be required.
Data sheet
7075 T6 Aluminium
Anodized Black
12 Gauge Low Brass
For Gen 2 Typhoon F12 Only

30 Day Return Policy. Lifetime Replacement Warranty.