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Lynx 180B Lower Receiver - Zhukov


Introducing the Lynx 180B Lower Receiver - The Non-Restricted Lynx 180B is specifically designed and manufactured for match shooting with many features that 3 gun competitors want in a rifle. The Lynx 180B is fully compatible with all WK180C, WS-MCR, and Armalite 180B upper receivers.

The Lynx 180B is lighter, and higher quality than the competition offering a 1/4 lbs weight savings over WK180C and WS-MCR lower receivers. 

Note: The Lynx 180B lower receiver DOES NOT include the Magpul Zhukov Stock, trigger, magazine release, bolt hold open, grip, or safety. 

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This pack contains
Lynx 180B Zhukov Stock Mount
x 1
Lynx 180B Base Receiver
x 1


The Lynx 180B lower is the direct descendent of the Armalite AR-180B but has been updated to to offer better ergonomics, weight savings, quality, and function. The Lynx 180B is Made In Canada.

Flared Magazine Well - A flared magazine well allows for faster and more ergonomic reloads.

Modular Design - Unlike any other lower on the market, the Lynx 180B has a modular stock mount. The stock mount can be easily and quickly swapped out to work with AR Carbine stocks, Magpul Yugo Zhukov stocks, and 1913 style stocks. The Lynx 180B can be converted to use these different types of stocks in seconds without clunky adapters.

Huge Weight Savings - The design of the Lynx 180B was not influenced by the common brick. This has allowed us to save up to a 1/4 lbs of weight compared to WK180C, WS-MCR, and Nodak Spud lower receivers.

Standard AR Trigger Pins - Are you upgrading your trigger? Tired of needing special extra long trigger pins? The Lynx 180B is compatible with standard AR trigger pins, including anti-rotation pins.

Compatible With All 180B Lower Parts - You can upgrade your WS-MCR or WK180C with a Lynx 180B lower receiver and use all of the lower receiver parts from your donor rifle.

Compatible With All 180B Upper Receivers - The Lynx 180B has been designed to be fully compatible with all AR-180B upper receivers including the WK180C, WS-MCR, and Armalite upper receivers. If you are using an MCR upper receiver you will need to remove the rear take down pin since it's unnecessary with the Lynx 180B.

Field Tested - The Lynx 180B has undergone months of testing in the extreme conditions found at 3 gun matches. The Lynx 180B has been tested in wet, dry, cold, hot, and dusty conditions. 

Parts Included:

  • Lynx 180B Lower with Yugo Zhukov Style Stock Mount
  • Precision Front Take Down Pin (Threaded)

Parts Required For Build:

  • AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Bolt Hold Open
  • AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Safety
  • AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Bolt Hold Open & Safety Spring
  • AR Magazine Release
  • AR Trigger
  • AR Grip
  • Magpul Yugo Zhukov Stock
  • Complete AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Upper Receiver
  • If you are using a WK180C or WS-MCR safety we suggest purchasing our Safety Shim Kit. Some safeties can be loose when being mounted to a premium receiver. The shim kit fixes this with an assortment of shims.

The Lynx 180B lower receiver DOES NOT include a trigger, magazine release, bolt hold open, or safety.

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