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Lynx 180B Lower Receiver - Batch 5 Pre-Order (Deposit)

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Estimated Q1 2022

Introducing the Lynx 180B Lower Receiver - The Non-Restricted Lynx 180B is specifically designed and manufactured for match shooting with many features that 3 gun competitors want in a rifle. The Lynx 180B is fully compatible with all WK180C, WS-MCR, and Armalite 180B upper receivers.

The Lynx 180B is lighter, and higher quality than the competition offering a 1/4 lbs weight savings over WK180C and WS-MCR lower receivers. 

Note: The Lynx 180B lower receiver DOES NOT include a trigger, magazine release, bolt hold open, grip, or safety. 

THIS IS ONLY A DEPOSIT - This is only a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for a receiver from batch 5. The remaining $200 balance must be paid prior to shipping. We aren't accepting complete payments until the receivers are finished.

Shipping: Q1 2022 (Estimated)

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The Lynx 180B lower is the direct descendent of the Armalite AR-180B but has been updated to to offer better ergonomics, weight savings, quality, and function. The Lynx 180B is Made In Canada.

Flared Magazine Well - A flared magazine well allows for faster and more ergonomic reloads.

Modular Design - Unlike any other lower on the market, the Lynx 180B has a modular stock mount. Initial offerings will support AR carbine stocks, but 1913, Armalite AR-180, and Galil stock compatibility is coming. The Lynx 180B can be converted to use these different types of stocks in seconds without clunky adapters.

Huge Weight Savings - The design of the Lynx 180B was not influenced by the common brick. This has allowed us to save up to a 1/4 lbs of weight compared to WK180C, WS-MCR, and Nodak Spud lower receivers.

Standard AR Trigger Pins - Are you upgrading your trigger? Tired of needing special extra long trigger pins? The Lynx 180B is compatible with standard AR trigger pins, including anti-rotation pins.

Compatible With All 180B Lower Parts - You can upgrade your WS-MCR or WK180C with a Lynx 180B lower receiver and use all of the lower receiver parts from your donor rifle.

Compatible With All 180B Upper Receivers - The Lynx 180B has been designed to be fully compatible with all AR-180B upper receivers including the WK180C, WS-MCR, and Armalite upper receivers.

Field Tested - The Lynx 180B has undergone months of testing in the extreme conditions found at 3 gun matches. The Lynx 180B has been tested in wet, dry, cold, hot, and dusty conditions. 

Parts Included:

  • Lynx 180B Lower with AR Carbine Style Stock Mount
  • Precision Front Take Down Pin (Threaded)

Parts Required For Build:

  • AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Bolt Hold Open
  • AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Safety
  • AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Bolt Hold Open & Safety Spring
  • AR Magazine Release
  • AR Trigger
  • AR Grip
  • AR Buffer Tube & Stock
  • Complete AR-180B / WK180C / WS-MCR Upper Receiver

The Lynx 180B lower receiver DOES NOT include a trigger, magazine release, bolt hold open, or safety.

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